Koichab Dune Trail




What you should know


Piet Swiegers | 00264 63 25 8021 | ausvista@namibhorses.com | www.africanadrenalin.com


00264 63 25 8021

Route distance:

113-130km | 7-8 hours

The trail:

The guided 4x4 route cuts a huge corner between the B4 highway and C13 road from Aus to Helmeringhausen, providing a tantalising taste of vast, open spaces adjoining the southern end of the Namib Naukluft Park, with a 40km section of dune driving. And it can be tackled from Klein Aus Vista, where there is recommended camping and chalet accommodation, or groups can be met and guided from the northern end of the trail by prior arrangement. First impressions were that it was going to be easy, hardly requiring 4x4. But once we entered the dunefields the driving became progressively more challenging until one particular climb required us to drop our tyre pressures right down to 0,8. Even then it took several attempts to get over. Otherwise it was reasonably easy but always interesting driving, matched by equally enjoyable scenery.


Desert Horse Inn or Eagles Nest chalets, all on the property.


Camping facilities available