A fish out of water


Now and then a driver overestimates his abilities or that of his wheels. This then is what happens.

The fishing trawler Amber Rose ran aground in thick mist on Long Beach near Kommetjie, Cape Town, in March with a full load of tuna on board.

WR13_DO31 Oeps 1

The police Land Cruiser also got stranded on the way to the trawler – in the soft sand. First an attempt was made to bury the Cruiser’s spare wheel in the sand as an anchor and to use the winch to extricate the Cruiser, but this failed.

WR13_DO31 Oeps 3

After much futile digging, another Cruiser reeled in the stranded Cruiser. Police and helpers (pictured) dug the spare wheel out of the sand.

WR13_DO31 Oeps 2

However, the 12-m-long Amber Rose was less fortunate. With damage to it amounting to some R1 million, the owners opted for breaking it up and removing it from the beach.

As told by Fanus Nell from Cape Town