Botswana Border Posts


Handy to know

Currency: Pula (P1 = R1.05)
Fuel: Leaded and unleaded petrol and diesel are readily available.
Malaria risk: High
Emergency numbers: 999 (police); 997 (ambulance); 998 (fire brigade)
SA consulate: Plot 29, Queens Road, Gaborone; 00267 390 4800/1/2;
Consulates in SA: 011 403 3748
More information:

Documents required

Visa: Not required for SA citizens
International driver’s licence: Yes
Inoculation certificate: None required, but hepatitis A and tetanus inoculations are advised.
Medical insurance: Recommended
Vehicle insurance: Third-party insurance (P50) is valid for 90 days.
Vehicle registration documents: Yes
Clearance certificates: To bring a vehicle into Botswana you must obtain a temporary import permit (TIP).

At the border post

Cost: P50/P90 for a road permit (P50 for a single entry and P90 for a return trip), P20 for road fund tax (valid for one year; display the disc), P20 per trailer and P50 third-party insurance, i.e. at least P180 (±R190) for a return trip.
Equipment: No equipment is mandatory, but it is recommended you have two emergency triangles.
ZA sticker: Yes
What may I take in? Goods to the value of up to R500 within the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) area or to the value of R3000 outside the Sacu area, including 2 litre wine, 1 litre spirits and other liquor, 200 cigarettes, 20 cigars, 250g tobacco, 50ml perfume and 250ml eau de toilette.
And meat? The regulations for importing meat for private use change frequently due to disease outbreaks. Always ask the customs office before importing meat and meat products. The following may be imported for private use with an import permit: Red meat (25 kg/family), poultry (5 kg/person), tinned poultry (20 kg/person). NB: No pork is allowed. Visit for a complete list of items, which include eggs, fresh milk and vegetables. Firearms, narcotic and habit-forming drugs and indecent and obscene material are prohibited.
There are veterinary control points throughout the country, and your meat will probably be confiscated there, depending on prevailing diseases. Botswana’s meat is good and reasonably priced. Buy it there.
What else? All visitors must have sufficient funds to prove that they will be leaving the country and won’t attempt to reside permanently within Botswana.
Border post times: Martin’s Drift-Groblersbrug 08.00-18.00; Parr’s Halt-Stockpoort 08.00-16.00; Tlokweng-Kopfontein 07.00-22.00; Pioneer Gate-Skilpadhek 06.00-22.00; Ramathlabama Road 06.00-20.00

Botswana Flag - Border Post

Originally published in DO #42 Jan-Feb 2011